Course Programmes

Imaal Tutorials was a full-time school for 20 years. We now offer a reduced service with three different options. One of these may suit your particular needs.

 Service number one: Online lessons. Just email and I will be delighted to reply suggesting a time for a chat. If this suits you, you can agree to a time and I will send you an invitation to a meeting at that time via Zoom

Service number two: A residential total immersion English language learning experience, with lessons starting when we collect you from the Airport and finishing when we bring you back to the Airport. This programme is normally for one or two weeks, it is for one student at a time and suits a learner who has to bring her/his level to a level needed in the modern business world.

At Imaal Tutorials you are totally immersed in the English language. You have five hours a day one-to-one lessons, and for the remainder of the day, you are in communicative contact with your teachers. Your teachers communicate with you at your language level. They are there to help you increase your language repertoire and your ability to use English.

Service number three: This service suits Students who are already living in Ireland and who need help in understanding the structure of the English they hear every day, and who want to bring their English to a higher level where they can be helped to full fluency. To use this service you must be able to come to us using your own transport. Of course,  you can also try our online service.


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teachingThe teaching method is a careful balance between the Communicative Method of Teaching and the Traditional Grammatical Method of Teaching. You get a clear insight into the structure of English and ‘how English works’. Above all, you are in a learning situation. Your teachers adapt to your learning style and personality.

Your course can focus on your particular needs. If you are naturally communicative, lessons focus on this aspect of language use. If you prefer to improve your knowledge of language structure, or if you need to improve your writing skills, there will be more focus on this.

Your course will also focus on the situations in which you need to use English. For example, you may need skills in social communication, business language, writing texts, making presentations, etc. Your teachers have long experience in the business world, in banking and finance, and in writing and presenting texts. They can help you particularly in these areas.

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